About JBES

The health market in Brazil is among the first ten in the world. This sector has grown together with the increasing demand in information and knowledge to aid decision-making and planned increase in the offer of health products and services.

Health Economics, in this context, is a field where interdisciplinary knowledge is produced, aiding the analysis of the efficiency of drugs, devices and treatments, according to clinical and economic criteria, in the search for alternatives that align the response to therapeutic needs and the availability of financial resources.

The Jornal Brasileiro de Economia da Saúde (JBES) [Brazilian Journal of Health Economics] was created in 2009 in order to promote and disseminate the knowledge in the areas of Health Economics, Pharmacoeconomics and Evaluation of Health Technology. The journal contents are available every four months in print and electronic formats.

The objective of publishing knowledge on Health Economics is to decrease the negative impacts that may be associated with the decision-making process, such as choices related to the incorporation of new technologies, treatment and drugs. Studies on Health Economics have aided the prioritization of more efficient medical procedures and have contributed to the development of alternatives that align the criteria of economical sustainability and the attention to individual needs.

JBES, therefore, is a channel of communication that connects the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory agencies, supplementary health organizations, hospitals, research centers, universities and other institutions interested in the development of studies that explore the interface between economy and health, contributing to increasing population access to drugs and health services.